It’s completely natural to be nervous and excited when signing up for your first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, after all this is a brand new challenge with people you may have never met before. Some of you may not have studied in some time so there may be a little apprehension about that or perhaps just putting yourself out there and trying something new feels a little scary. But rest assured that there are so many benefits, some expected and some unexpected from taking the plunge with your YTT. Here we present the benefits of becoming a yoga teacher at Reformation.

You are going to make a brand new friendship circle:

Like-minded people – check! 

Open and interactive environment – check!

Months of in-depth work to create a bond to last a lifetime – check!

Honestly, some of the best friendships that pass the test of time have been made in the safe yet challenging environment of the yoga teacher training space. There are a whole host of people out there like you who are interested in expansion and growth.

Gain a whole new understanding and appreciation of your body:

For most of our lives, we are conditioned to think that there is something not quite right with our bodies. We are the wrong shape, the wrong size, too big, too small, too short, too tall, the list goes on and whatever the barometer we just don’t measure up. When you go through the process of yoga teacher training you begin to feel a sense of awe and wonder about your body. The miracle of being able to walk and talk, sense and feel, taste and smell. This vehicle that brings us through life becomes a trusted and respected friend rather than being dismissed and disrespected. We learn about anatomy and we feel into embodiment. We also explore the more subtle aspects of our beings. You will never look at your body the same way again!

You will go on a transformational journey of Self-exploration:

No two people have gotten the same thing out of a well-constructed and skill-fully led 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. There is so much to explore and your interest will be piqued by different things. Your body will get stronger and more flexible. You will begin to understand yourself on many different levels and layers of your being. You will make discoveries and forge a bond with yourself that only comes about through self-study and practice. There will be challenges but that’s what makes the transformation possible. Your comfort zone will be reached and expanded and you may discover new skills you didn’t even know you had. In other words, you may surprise yourself in many different ways. 

You can find out more about our 200-Hour to become a Yoga Teacher here. Our next course begins in September 2022.


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