Brian Malone

No one rocks a top knot like Brian, believe us we have spent years trying. And no one rocks a yoga class like him. He has a gift to challenge you in gentle tones so that you don’t even notice you are taking you body and breathe to new limits. With a kindness and humour that make his classes so unique, he is adored by all that have been to his class.

Brian’s journey to Yoga teaching was almost accidental when on a whim he signed up to a training while travelling through India. We thank the stars he did because a star was born! He has since studied extensively the lineages of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Therapeutic yoga. His yoga classes are breath focused and based on alignment and conscious movement, while also encouraging students to intuitively explore the uniqueness of their own bodies and practice.
We wouldn’t be suprised to find Brian at any given moment upside down in handstand or chilling out in an ice bath practising his breathwork. He lives his life through yoga and hugely dedicated to his practise. Brian believes that by consciously and compassionately connecting with the body and breath, they can begin to act as an anchor into the present, creating greater clarity and awareness, and allowing access to a simpler flow of life.