I get it. I know what it feels like to be in a job that feels joyless and unfulfilling. That little voice niggling in the back of your mind wondering if this is all there is. If this sounds like you, then you are more than likely considering a job change, career changing or even opening your own business.

I always knew I would be an entrepreneur. I loved the idea of running my own business and of being my own boss. Decide what was satisfying and fulfilling for me, and build my career based on something that I was passionate about and hopefully good at too.

I had that niggle, that itch, that longing to at least give it a go. I figured I would prefer to have tried and failed rather than never take the leap, play it safe and never know. So I did.

I decided that as I loved yoga I would try my hand at teaching. At that time that was pretty unusual and a little whacky but I was willing to take the risk. And it was a risk. I gave up a safe, comfortable, pensionable career with a professional development path.

I did this on a wing and a prayer and I have definitely made some errors and mistakes.

But I have worked hard, stayed motivated and created my own pathway for over a decade now. Our studio Reformation now has over 30 teachers working with us. They have internationally recognized training in both yoga and pilates as well as professional CPD courses. I went from someone with a dream of teaching to an academy that trains others to teach. 

Here are my top 4 tips for changing your career:

Do your research:

It can be daunting and a tricky road to navigate when you decide to change paths. Make sure you do your research extensively. Know what the market is like you are hoping to get into. Explore the opportunities and the pitfalls. Know what skills you already have that could work in your new profession, business or career and be honest with yourself about the skills that you will need to build and the training that you may need to complete. 

Make sure you are financially ready to bring yourself through the transition.

There is nothing worse than going through a big transition in your life and then having major financial pressure on the back of it too.

It’s not a small task to change your career or to step out on your own in business. So, be sure that you budget for this investment. Like you would if you were buying a house or investing in something big for yourself. Explore all options and perhaps there is a way to continue working part-time as you transition over.

Always give yourself a little wiggle room both with time and finances.

Get a mentor.

Yes, you can struggle through this transition alone but if you want to make exponential leaps getting yourself a successful mentor will bring you on at lightning speed. Make sure it is someone you trust, respect and has a proven track record.

Trust yourself.

Ever hear that saying ‘Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.’? Going for something you believe in takes enormous amounts of courage, motivation and above all Self Trust. Sit with this and make sure this is what you want. If it is then tap into that inner trust and don’t be afraid to take the leap!

We are always here to help people move towards their hopes and aspirations with our internationally recognised professional courses. If you are ready to take the steps towards that new career or business you have been dreaming of, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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