Reformer Pilates

This is reformer, but not as you know it. We work with movement and breath to facilitate a whole body and whole self experience that transforms how you live and feel in your body. The reformer is the dream machine of the pilates world, it guides you in flexibility and challenges you in strength. There is nothing else quite like it.

Level 1 – Suitable for total beginners so don’t be shy- learn the ropes literally!
Level 2 – It’s time to turn up the heat
Level 3 – You have hit the next level… Not for the faint hearted.

Most people are familiar with Pilates, it is a low-impact exercise routine that is popular for flattening and toning the midsection. It is usually performed on an exercise mat.

Reformer Pilates does not use a mat but a revolutionary machine known as a Reformer. We know that machine sounds scary but trust us it will be your new best friend! The Reformer machine was designed by Joseph Pilates, the inventor of Pilates.

The machine consists of a bed-like frame that is topped with a flat platform called a carriage. The carriage is mounted on wheels that allow it to roll back and forward. The Reformer machine uses springs that can be adjusted to offer different levels of assistance and resistance.

Yes, Reformer Pilates is an excellent all-round exercise that has many benefits. Reformer Pilates is hugely beneficial for overall physical fitness. It can improve core strength, leads to greater flexibility and balance, and it also improves posture.

Another benefit of Reformer Pilates is the fact it is a low-impact exercise routine, which places less stress on joints. This makes it a great exercise routine for those recovering from injury.

Finally, like all exercise routines, Reformer Pilates is also great for mental health. Physical activity releases endorphins which promote a positive outlook on life.

At Reformation we focus on so much more than weight loss. We are committed to each and every person leaving the studio feeling empowered and vibrant. Reformer Pilates can be excellent for toning and as part of an overall weight loss routine, but it does so much more than just that.

The muscle-toning nature of Reformer Pilates is fantastic. Muscles are metabolic machines and the reformer machine will help you discover and tone muscles you did not even know you had! 

This challenging but mindful movement linked with breath will leave you feeling not only physically fantastic, but mentally alert, focused and empowered.

Reformer Pilates is designed as a muscle-toning and muscle-stretching exercise. The muscle-stretching part of Reformer Pilates is at the heart of how Reformer Pilates can change your body.

Regular Reformer Pilates will change your body by honing long, lean muscles that improve posture and have a huge impact on your overall body structure. Reformer Pilates is both a bodyweight and an actual weight training routine. This combination sculpts the body and builds a better muscle to fat ratio.

Overall, by stretching and strengthening muscles, Reformer Pilates can quickly achieve noticeable results quicker than any other form of pilates.

The first thing is not to feel intimidated, this is a common reaction when first seeing a reformer machine! But don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and with a little practice and some gentle guidance, you will soon feel like a “reformer master!”

Even if you’re used to “mat pilates”, then the movement and resistance of the Reformer machine may seem a little disorientating during the first class. But by the end of it, you will feel far more comfortable and ready to reap the benefits and joys of reformer pilates.

The important thing is to have fun, and soon the reformer machine will seem like an old friend.