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We bring REFORMATION to you and your team. We will design bespoke classes for you that cater for all size companies and company needs. We offer Mindfulness, Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes. As well as myofascial release and desk ergonomics workshops.

Yoga | Pilates | Meditation

If you want happy & healthy employees – call us! We can bring movement and mindfulness to you onsite or you can join us in our beautiful studio.
We work with Amazon, Avolon, BOI, Matheson, Facebook, Salesforce, Web Summit, Health Research Board, BMW, Heiniken, Irish Distilleries, Novaclan Group, Indeed, Maples & Calder among others.

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Our teachers have studied with the world leaders in mediation and mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches you to quieten over busy minds and to become more present. This how been shown clinically to reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall happiness.

Pilates builds alignment, strength, flexibility, balance and creates good movement patterns to get your body moving optimally. We tailor classes specifically for the needs of office workers, focusing on areas such as shoulders, wrist, hip and core which are comprised in sedentary work.

Something for your mind, your body and your soul, Yoga really is the doorway to a having that a positive life perspective both on and off the mat. We help you distress, while finding flexibility and strength. We take you through a gorgeous flow, a challenge or three and will leave you happy glow thats stays with you for days to come.

You are going to go through the full range of emotions in this class!! We use small props to unravel all those tight spots and release in a way you never knew possible. We release and then stretch leaving your body open and feeling heavenly. This is a super complement to all forms of movement disciplines and perfect for bodies that are stiff and sore from sedentary work.

You don’t need to be a ballerina to work out like one. A full body class that brings the burn. Combining from the disciplines of yoga, pilates, ballet you will find muscles you didn’t know existed.

For many desk workers the most prominent position their body is in for the day is sitting. Without proper advice and knowledge this leads to major problems including chronic back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain and overall tension. We teach you had to sit correctly and supportively. We teach you methods to move throughout the day to protect your body and work pain free.