Corporate Wellness

We bring REFORMATION to you and your team. We will design bespoke classes for you that cater for all size companies and company needs. We have a spectrum of offerings from Mindfulness and Movement disciplines such as Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Sweat classes. 

Our alternative workshops are a wonderful option for teams to try something new including myofascial release  and desk ergonomics workshops.

If you want happy & healthy employees – call us! We can bring movement and mindfulness to you onsite or you can join us in our beautiful studio. We work with Amazon, Avolon, BOI, Matheson, Facebook, Salesforce, Web Summit, Health Research Board, BMW, Heiniken, Irish Distilleries, Novaclan Group, Indeed, among others.

Our teachers have studied with the world leaders in mediation and mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches you to quieten over busy minds and to become more present. This how been shown clinically to reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall happiness.

Pilates is a whole body practise that builds alignment, strength, flexibility and balance. We tailor classes specifically for the needs of office workers, focusing on areas such as shoulders, wrist, hip and core which are comprised in sedentary work.



Something for your mind, your body and your soul We distill ancient teachings into authentic  practices. Our classes open the doorway to wholehearted joyful living and inner awakening. Through movement and stillness we move inwards to benefit our physical and mental bodies


A whole body release and restoration. We use small props to connect into our body and unravel tension. These practises are like a whole body hug to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and as if you slept for a week. This is a super complement to all forms of movement disciplines and perfect for bodies in need of some TLC

A full body class where we move to the beat of the music. It is hot, sweaty and so much fun! Combining the disciplines of yoga, pilates, ballet you will find muscles you didn’t know existed.

For many desk workers the most prominent position their body is in for the day is sitting. Without proper advice and knowledge this leads to major problems including chronic back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain and overall tension. We teach you had to sit correctly and supportively. We teach you methods to move throughout the day to protect your body and work pain free.

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Waterloo Lane Studios Burlington House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

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