Our Mission

Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive and diverse community that allows the benefits of movement and meditation to be accessible to everyone across all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The space we create fosters meaningful and genuine connection with all, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, religion or belief, ethnic origin or body type.

Our intention is that every person who walks through the doors at Reformation has an experience that supports them and empowers them to live their life at the fullest and most authentic level.

Reformation operates a zero-tolerance attitude to discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace and in service to our customers.

We treat every Reformation employee and customer with dignity and respect.

Our Continuing Evolution

Our team is always evolving and will continue to do so. We are conscious that there needs to be more diversity and inclusion in the health and wellbeing industry and we are committed to working towards that goal.

The environment should reflect a space where everybody from all backgrounds and walks of life feels welcome and represented.

We are committed to expanding and evolving and have taken the following steps in doing so:

  • Scholarships: We offer scholarships for teacher training for people from marginalised communities
  • Training: We honour the lineage and tradition of yoga and and will continue to provide education and resources to our students that is authentic and respectful of its origins. We will continue to expand our trainings, learning and development in an ongoing manner.
  • Visual Representation: We will continue to improve our visual representation of BIPOC teachers and students in all of our materials and on our website as a whole and will continue to ensure a more diverse range of people and bodies.
  • Recruitment: We will continue to take positive action to support the recruitment and promotion of underrepresented minorities.
  • Continued Education and Environment: We are committed to continuing to educate ourselves and our team to create an open inclusive space where discussion and questioning biases and norms are encouraged and supported.

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