Workshops, Retreats & Events

Workshops are the great way to go deeper into specialised movements and advance your skills. You get to learn and explore in an interactive environment that can take your practise on leaps and bounds.

We offer a wide range of workshops including muscle releasing myofascial release workshops, advanced asana workshops and specialised running workshops. See below for all upcoming events.

Saturdays January 22-February 12
A 4 Week Holistic Pregnancy + Birthing Preparation Course.  Each week we will connect deeply to a specific chakra, starting with the root chakra and working our way towards the third eye chakra. You will explore yoga asana, dance, sound vibration (chanting), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudra (hand postures) all designed to move energy through your body to balance hormones, bring vitality and prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically for labour.The course is based on Jenny-Lee’s wide experience as a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Teacher and her work as a Conscious Pregnancy + Birth Guide.  
Starts February 17, 2022
The Wild Feminine is a course of exploration, education and empowerment harnessing and uncovering ancient Tantric and Taoist practices and wisdom. This course is for women seeking to rediscover their feminine power, find natural balance and reclaim a loving connection to their bodies. Step into your potential as we explore the deep feminine with curiosity and playfulness through pranayama, mediation and movement. Through talks, embodiment practices and breathwork we will explore techniques and practices that bring you into intimate connection with yourself, your body and your own divine feminine power.     
January 3rd 2022

A high Quality Pre-recorded series where you will practice with a different teacher each day and a weekly them woven through the series.

Join us for a 30 Day series as we move into January 2022 with a sense of energy, presence and intention. Join your favourite teachers for this transformational experience that will lift your spirits and bring you back into alignment with your passion and purpose as we welcome in the new year. Feel light, free and at home in your body as we explore yoga and movement, gain awareness and clarity in your mind through meditation and discover how to move energy through your system with breath work and pranayama. The perfect way to begin your new year with awareness, potential and of course a healthy dose of motivation.

5pm - 6.30pm
After the Christmas period, our bodies can feel quite lethargic & sluggish and it can be hard to find the motivation to bring back your normal or maybe new exercise routine. Join Annie for a releasing Flow which is geared towards revitalising the body as a whole and to help us to give us the opportunity to set our goals/intentions for the new year. It can even just be a nice breather from all the festive fun! 
Jan 22nd
Our Diploma in Teaching Pilates is a comprehensive exploration of the many systems of the body and how you as a practitioner can use movement, touch and imagery to empower your students to discover and embody themselves. We go into a deep dive of the body using a holistic approach to movement considering a students belief system, previous injuries/trauma and lifestyle.
Feb 25th 2022
Our Yoga Teacher Training is especially curated to help you discover the many layers of your being. Resulting in inspiring and awakening you to a higher consciousness and uncovering a whole new world of creativity and expression.
19th March 2022
Our Reformer Training is especially curated to help you discover movement and embodiment. We go beyond just exercise and go into a deep dive of the body. We take a holistic approach to movement; going beyond just the physical to consider a students belief system, previous injuries/trauma and lifestyle. This rounded approach leads to long lasting change.
Oct 7th - Dec 9th
Thursdays 6.30-9.30pm (via Zoom)
50 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher TrainingLed by your trainers Lee Tracey & Lucybloom Webb, this training is laid out over 10 weeks, we will have time to integrate all of these teachings in order to refine the way we teach and reach the people who we will best serve. Hosted via zoom with an in person date at the end of the training, we will also provide 1:1 mentoring to assist you on this journey.

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