1st February - 8th March 2023
20.00 - 21.00
We are proud to announce our brand new 6 Week Reformer Pilates Course for beginners.This course is perfect for individuals who are brand new to Reformer Pilates, anyone who has been away for a while or those wanting to improve their overall technique.

Over the 6 weeks, you will build up core strength, confidence, learn the importance to using the correct Pilates techniques and understand how the reformer machines work to achieve a full body workout. 

This is a perfect course to start you on the reformer Pilates journey in a safe environment, with a chance to ask questions with an experienced instructor. 

6 Week Course Only €120

Jessica Norris
Starting on Wednesday 1st February, this weekly class, over the 6 weeks, will build up techniques, strength and confidence to attend reformer Pilates classes with a greater knowledge of both the reformer machine and of your own body.
Contact the studio if you have any questions.

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