18.30 - 20.30
Human Design offers a clear and concise pathway to understanding your own uniqueness. It teaches us about our own internal geometry and how highly individual our mechanics really are, so that we can act in a way that is in deep alignment with who we really are.

This workshop is designed to be an entryway into this incredible system of Human Design. It is both super accessible yet layered with dimensionality. 

In this workshop:

  • You’ll learn about your own energy Type, its strength, purpose and unique way & need of expressing itself.
  • We’ll cover your personal strategies for how to best communicate with your environment, how to make decisions that won’t let you down and how to regulate your sleep patterns so you can wake up more refreshed.
  • We’ll address Burn-out and how it affects each type differently.
  • We go over what work environment is most productive for you and what to watch out for in terms of relationships and family dynamics.
  • We’ll speak about personal strategies to reduce resistance, frustration, anger and stress in your life.

This workshop will give you such a great base from which to start making adjustments in your life to bring yourself back into alignment with your own true essence. It’s all about understanding yourself and others more deeply, improve personal and professional relationships and create a life that not only is authentic but also feels satisfyingly meaningful to you. 

Important: For this workshops you’ll need you birth time, date and pace! Please provide us
with those at the time of booking – email with Hello@reformation.ie with these details please.

Bibi Dallmann
Please arrive 15 minutes before start of the workshop (18.15) so we are able to start on time. 2 Hour Workshop in Reformation Studio
No Experience necessary.Important: For this workshops you’ll need you birth time, date and pace! Please provide us with those at the time of booking – Email with Hello@reformation.ie with these details please.
1 Hour Workshop €35

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Waterloo Lane Studios Burlington House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

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