18.30 - 20.30
When we flex the muscle of compassion through sitting in circle we begin to understand our own brightness. In this sacred space we will connect through mantra, journey on a visionary quest towards our own inner Jewel through a Yoga Nidra practice and explore our inner landscape through tantric breathwork.

An evening of introspection and connection.

The lotus strives up through the muddy waters before it can eventually Bloom, we are all on the journey of the lotus and we all have the potential to discover the jewel within; a nod to our ability to cultivate compassion for ourselves. When we do this, our life transforms, we expand far beyond the limitations our mind holds us stuck in.

Lucy Bloom’s Circles are dedicated spaces for healing as well as raising our inherent vibration to one which is in alignment with our desires.

This is an opportunity to sit in a safe space, connect to your vulnerability as a means of healing. Journeying deep into your subconscious to bring that which has been dormant into the light.

2 Hour Workshop €35

Lucy Bloom
Arrive at 18.30 for a beautiful evening of nidra, gentle movement and connection.
Suitable for all levels of experience

Our Location

Waterloo Lane Studios Burlington House, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

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