Ether is space, stillness, that which contains and holds.

Simple Rituals for Sacred Experiences

Welcome to Into the Ether, a space to to expand and explore. Ether was created to enable inner reflection for outer expansion. Using nature as our navigator we ground to the earth as we look to the cosmos and appreciate the magic that surrounds us.


Ether is the element that connects us to the spirit, intuition, other realms and planes.

Conscious Gifting

Celebrate the best people and moments in life with curated collections.

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Into The Ether Handmade Products

Into the Ether products are ethical, sustainable, local, crafted by hand and chosen with love. Gifting you space and stillness to elevate the everyday into something magical.

Body Oil

Into the Ether Hand Made Products

Our ethical, sustainable, hand made, local products. Our hero products that make rituals of every day moments.

Handmade Candles

The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul. A collection of handmade candles inspired by the sun to uplift and the moon to ground.

2022 Diary with Moon Cycle

The Diary that we have always wanted. Our beautifully illustrated diary will help you plan and manifest. Keep in sync with your cycle with monthly menstrual moon charts.

Think food waste isn’t an issue? Well, picture the scene. You head to your local grocery store to do the weekly ‘big shop’. You browse the aisles, load a trolley, and then reload it on to the conveyer belt. You then repack every item into a worse-for-wear collection of canvas totes and reusable plastic bags – you actually remembered to bring them today, you’re feeling smug. Next, you transport the whole lot home.

When you make it to the front door, you do the usual, uncharacteristic display of hyper-mobility, reaching back, around and down to retrieve your keys from where should be, and then, when they typically are not where they should be, repeat the process in numerous other locations across your person and luggage, all while straining under the weight multiple carrier bags heaving with groceries. 

DO YOU NEED A jade roller? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE face sculpting skincare tool

It seems the jade roller wheeled its way into the general public’s consciousness only around 2017. The ancient skin smoothing and soothing tool caused a sharp spike on Pinterest that year, with researchers reporting that ‘derma roller’ pins saw a massive 345% jump in saves.

The chatter online steadily got louder. The beauty column inches racked up and influencer affiliate sales cashed in. Its roll out into the mainstream skincare lexicon spurred on by a slew of celebrities, Victoria Beckham among them, crediting their impossibly taut jawlines to the use of a jade roller. 

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How to Sleep Better: 7 Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

While seemingly effortless and utterly essential, sleep comes wrapped up in a thick duvet of complexity and contradictions. It’s completely free, yet at the same time priceless; constantly available, but for some achingly unattainable; deeply healing, yet a lack of it causes spiralling suffering. 

In recent years, cracking the complex code to better sleep has become a status symbol. It’s almost cool to admit to going to bed early and getting 8 hours sleep every night. But for far too long sleep wasn’t given the kudos it deserved. 

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FROM AHA TO ZINC: YOUR a-z skincare ingredient GUIDE

Knowledge is power and knowing one skincare ingredient from another can make deciphering what you need a whole lot easier.

Use this A-Z dictionary as a guide to some of the most efficacious and commonplace skincare ingredients out there. Once you’re up to speed, you can figure what works best for your specific skin type and plot your routine accordingly. 

Be warned, packaging and marketing can be misleading. So cut through the jargon and check the ‘inkey list,’ the ingredients list on the back of the back. The higher your desired skincare ingredient is up the list, the higher percentage of it in the product. 

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