Jess Gormley

A lover of the outdoors and all things active, Jess lives and breathes healthy living.
PIlates started for her as a way to look after herself while working in an office. But pretty soon she knew that teaching was where her heart lay, and hasn’t looked back since. A lover of learning she is hugely qualified, she is Polestar PIlates comprehensively trained, the highest qualification you can recieve in pilates. In addition she a Barre teacher, and trained in pre/post-natal Pilates, Pilates for children, Pilates for the aging population and a certified Pink Ribbon Pilates Specialist, a Recovery Program designed to facilitate recovery from breast cancer surgery.
Through her classes, Jess aims to combine the mental and physical benefits of Pilates to leave you feeling strong in mind and body, as well as correcting movement dysfunctions for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Jess is always seeking to advance her knowledge of movement and promises to keep her classes dynamic and fun.