Kate O’Brien

We don’t throw the word beach babe about too often, but for Kate it is the first thing we think of.
Having lived on the beaches of Costa Rica for nearly four years, spending her days surfing, doing sunrise yoga and teaching Pilates overlooking the sea, she has earned her stripes!
Rewind to before Costa Rica and Kate was living a very different life.
A former youth Ballerina, Kate initially studied Health Science and Physiology before progressing to a Masters degree in Pharmacy. Pilates allowed her to combine her love of travel, health, science and movement, and so she set sail to Nosara, Costa Rica, the yoga and pilates mecca of Central America. She studied and worked under Balanced Body Master and faculty member Page Sieffert. (Literally the dream mentorship, how do we sign up?)
Kate has completed the full Balance Body repertoire holding certificates in all Pilates equipment, the highest qualification you can receive. She has also trained in pre and post-natal pilates. Can she can get better? Well yes, she is also a yoga teacher, barre teacher and a Reiki practitioner. Kate continues her journey through ongoing workshops and trainings, both at home and abroad.
She believes that movement is medicine for the body and mind. Her mission is to empower people to be the best version of themselves.