Laurie Keegan

Aside from being a Pilates, Ballet Barre and first wedding dance teacher with Platinum, Laurie Schneider is a mum of three beautiful children, a proficient cook, snuggler and nurse for her family.

As a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for over 12 years Laurie has worked with the best in the Industry. The same goes for her Pilates career. She is trained by the international Pilates school Polestar Pilates and is comprehensively trained, the highest qualification you can receive in Pilates. She is an Xtend Barre teacher which added to her Professional dance Degree makes her classes insanely amazing.
Due to her early competitive Dance training Laurie has, some would say, an unhealthy obsession with sequence, gold lame, sparkle and perfectly choreographed group dance sequences. So do not be surprised if you find her at the Barre in a full tutu and leotard combo. She does not expect the same from you, but definitely she wouldn’t mind!