Lisa O’ Shaughnessy

Lisa took her first reformer class not knowing it would change her life. Being encouraged to create change and grow stronger through mindful movement in a way that was also fun was a revelation.
Motivated and inspired by the possibilities she completed her Polestar Comprehensive Pilates training in London while working for a fast paced multinational. Following her training, Lisa decided to take control and forge a new path, so she left a successful corporate career for a new way of life.
Lisa has been lucky enough to work with people in the corporate world and then through her Pilates training who posed the question ‘what is possible if we let go of the beliefs and limitations we create for ourselves’?! This is at the core of what drives her. Aiming to bring together the mental and physical benefits leaving you feeling stronger in body and mind!
With a passion for people and fun, she couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to her class. With a long term goal of wellness and feeling good through functional movement you’ll be encouraged to connect with your body, notice it, challenge it and push through barriers in a fun, dynamic way.