Reformation On Demand

Reformation On-Demand is an amazing high quality pre-recorded library of classes for you to enjoy wherever you are. You can practice with our world-class teachers from the comfort of your own home with that next level quality you’ve been asking for.

FREE for our Studio Membership holders and just €29/month for non-members with full access to our On-Demand library with new classes added each month.

Online Courses

Get Meditating With Lucy Bloom


Get access to our 4 week Get Meditating course. This is a pre-recorded Meditation course led by Lucy Bloom designed for you to cultivate your meditation practice using various meditation tips, tools and techniques.

€30 for Full access

The Yoga Toolbox with Annie and Lucy

The Yoga Toolbox is an Asana Clinic series of 30 Pre-Recorded videos breaking down the most fundamental yoga postures through alignment, breath and queueing.

This library of yoga knowledge is absolute GOLD and will allow you to level up your practice by getting into those nitty gritty, finer details of each pose. Brought to you by Lucy and Annie.


Full access for €39