Our Community

Reformation is built around community, healing and human connections!

Meditation Club

Welcome to Our Weekly Meditation Club hosted by the fantastic Lucy Bloom.

This completely complementary community meditation group is open to you whether you are a seasoned meditator or have never tried before. This club is a resource for you to stay with your meditation practice and explore all of the benefits, challenges and insights that come with this practice alongside like minded people.

Every Wednesday morning at 8.20am Online!

Book Club

Our online Book Club hosted by the amazing Neasa Mc Hugh has been absolutely life changing for many of our members. This is complementary and is an amazing way to get together and form a community of like minded and spiritually curious people. It really is a very special way to dive deeper, connect and meet like minded souls!

Run Club

Let’s run together again! We have greatly missed our in person Run Club so are really excited to get together and connect again. We meet up for 5 min warm up together. Run for 30 mins and meet back again for a stretch and of course all the chats. Go at your own pace but feel connected to a community of runners. This is an amazing way to meet a fantastic community and also such a great way to see and get ot know Dublin and beyond.

Swim Club

Join our sea swim meet up monthly for full moon swims and morning dips. Sure to put a pep in your step and an amazing way to meet new people but also see our beautiful coastline. Keep your eye on our timetable and newsletter for up and coming sea swims with Amanda.


Hike Club

If you love fresh air and endless hills join us for all things outdoorsie, meet some like minded people and experience the natural beauty of Ireland.