Our Community

Reformation is built around community, healing and human connections!

NEIC Yoga Teacher Training

Reformation brings Teacher Training to Dublin North East Inner City.


The North East Inner City initiative together with Reformation Studios have come together to provide this unique opportunity open to residents of Dublin’s North East Inner city. A special yoga teacher training programme will launch on April 24th 2021. The course will run over 11 months, one weekend a month.


The course is being fully supported by the NEIC as a special opportunity for the people of the area. 

Meditation Club

Welcome to Our Weekly Meditation Club!

Whether your seasoned or never tried before, you are very welcome to this community meditation group. This club is a resource for you to stay with your meditation practice and explore all of the benefits, challenges and insights that come with this practice along side like minded people.

Every Wednesday morning Online!

Meditation Club

Breathwork Club

Welcome to Our Weekly Pranayama Club!

Pranayama is a method of controlling the life force. We think of Pranayama as ‘breathing exercises’ but these are in-fact only the tools we use in order to touch base with this force that gives rise to our breath, thoughts and everything else in between. Practically, pranayama is an incredible aid to bring control into our lives, and in each class we will learn to regulate and harness this energy in a way that gives us choice and empowerment.

Every Friday morning Online!

Book Club

Our online Book Club has been an amazing way to get together and form a community of like minded and spiritually curious people. It really is a very special way to dive deeper, connect and meet like minded souls!

Run Club

Let’s run together (but separately!) We may be apart but we can still run virtually together. We meet online for a 5min warm up together. Run for 30 mins and meet back again online for a stretch and of course all the chats. Go at your own pace but feel connected to a community of runners.