Hello & Welcome.
Meet Lee & Annie

Annie and Lee have both been change makers in the health and wellbeing industry for over 10 years, leading thousands of people through movement, meditation and world class trainings.

Together they opened Reformation, a studio that lovingly brings together movement and mindfulness rituals exploring the innate wisdom of the body. A place that not only explores the practical science of anatomy and biology but equally taps into the more ethereal qualities of the feminine, honouring natural cycles, creativity and intuition. 

Both are passionate about sharing practices and rituals with people that facilitate fundamental shifts and transformational moments.

We care wildly about what we do and everything we bring to life is infused with love, creativity and integrity.






Reformation is built around community, healing and human connections

We have crafted our offerings around an ethos of connection and built a community of like-minded beings. We want all of our students to feel at ease, safe and connected to their inner self whether it’s practising in studio or at home via our live or on-demand classes.

reformation is ...

Your haven  escape