This is the studio we wished existed,so we created it!

Our formula is a synergy of physiology and biomechanics woven with the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation and the Pilates method with a cheeky side of sweat!
REFORMATION is based on our 5 point plan which covers all your wellbeing and fitness needs under one beautiful roof.


Good news! If you are reading this you are definitely breathing! We love to tune into the breath with a little more depth, find our full dimension and capacity and work with the breath in a way that circulates energy through the body. Its breathtaking how much of an affect breathwork has on our ability to tune into the present moment, feel more alive in our bodies and calm those busy brains.


You know those tight spots that never seem to go away? Us too! We have created this with that in mind. When your body finds release you have the ability to move in a much more fluid way. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this! We use a range of small props to get into all those niggley spots which are of often the culprit behind chronic pain & injuries.


Align your body, your breath, your movement, your life! To move is important, to move well is even more important. Here we help you get the basics right- find body awareness, proprioception, balance and stability. The basics lay the foundation for strong movement patterns, keeping you injury free and moving with ease.


Move it or lose it! Movement is the cure for so many of our modern day ailments. Movement can be magic and we are the magicians! From solid foundations builds strength and flexibility. When in good alignment and with correct patterns of movement you will find huge strength and range of motion with ease. It is a full body approach, every one of our classes will take your body through a wide range of movement. We build strong bodies.


A full body integrated movement. Getting your heart pumping, your body sweating and your muscles working from head to toes. For the times you just want to give it socks! (Perfect!)