Amy O’ Brien

If you are looking for some asana inspo, here it is! Amy is handstanding, backbending all round yoga superstar. But more impressive than her personal practise, is her teachings. From her own journey in yoga she has so much to offer to her students to help them progress and grow.
She found a balance in yoga that radically changed her life and kept drawing her back. With a curious nature Amy loves to explore different styles and has been lucky enough to train with some of the global teachers of yoga around the world. An avid learner, she has trained in power yoga, vinyasa, acro, ashtanga, yin yoga, Katonah and handstands to name a few. She is passionate about movement and its powerful effect on the body and mind.
“More than any physical benefit, what I discovered on the mat opened up my world and my heart, igniting a passion to share what I love in my teachings.”
Amy incorporates a freedom of movement with creative sequences and invigorating flows to challenge and nourish the body & mind. Encouraging students to discover the benefits of yoga and mindfulness that go beyond the physical practice. Her classes are accessible to all, building strength, flexibility, balance and inner harmony.
“For me the playful aspect of yoga is just as important as the disciplined one. My intention is to create an inclusive environment where students feel free to move and explore the infinite possibilities within themselves.”