Aoife Savage

Aoife first dipped her toes in the world of Pilates over 10 years ago when due to a ‘bad back’ she was told to look into strengthening her core muscles. She loved how strong Mat Pilates made her feel but it was when she took her first class in Reformer Pilates over 7 years ago, that her love affair for all things movement and breathwork began. Spending her working life in the hectic world of TV production, she loves how Pilates has taught her the importance of mindfulness and the need to be in the moment and in tune with your body in order to get the best results. Having experienced it first-hand, she is obsessed with the positive impact learning new movement patterns and breath work can have on your everyday life. Wanting to explore this even further she has completed training in both Mat and Reformer Pilates. Aoife’s classes are dynamic and fun, bringing the perfect balance between strengthening and stretching with some killers tunes thrown in for good measure. She apologises in advance if she sings along to the music!