Robbie Cully

In his early twenties, Robbie spontaneously discovered Yoga.  His initial learning came from two adept yogis in India and with his great love of the spirit of this land,he has spent much time there since, visiting various ashrams and Yoga schools to further deepen his understanding.

To date he has completed formal training in Ashtanga Yoga (India), Somatic & Embodied practices (Portugal), Yoga for Adolescents (London) and Yin Yoga.  
His main context for his practice comes from Classical Non-Dual Tantra which he continually studies and for his asana development he is currently studying under Benjamin Sears (USA).  Robbie has taught in many places ranging from Spain to India, sharing the teachings with all age groups to suit the needs of varying students.   
Aside from Yoga, Robbie is a Massage Therapist and his wonder and love for the wonder of the body is ever-growing.

His classes are diverse, explorative and always aim to deliver the student into a place of enquiry within their own body.  Robbie’s aim is to empower students.  Expect slow, melting, nourishing evening practices and strong, steady morning journeys.

‘In a world that is frantically growing’ says Robbie, ‘Yoga can be our anchor going forward’.  He is delighted to share this practice and walk this path with you.