Robyn Fitzpatrick

Just being around Robyn will make you feel more relaxed. Her beach yoga vibes will have you chilled out in moments. But don’t be fooled she teaches a super strong class- the perfect balance! Having worked health and fitness industry for over a decade Robyn is thrilled to share her natural love of movement and flow. Robyn is an all rounder, certified in Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training, which makes her classes dynamic and oh so interesting, Bringing a mix of challenge and restorative movements to cater for every aspect of your body. Robyn started yoga and Pilates in her teenage years and instantly fell in love with the grace and beauty of the movements. Since then she has embodied all things Yoga and Pilates into her life and has continued her study around the world & enjoys to share her passion through teaching. Robyn invites students to move with freedom in their form and softness in their strength as her classes are filled with warmth, encouragement and positivity. She has a firm belief that we are all unique, all looking for different results, with different bodies, different habits and different lives.