Reformation Classes

Reformation has all your movement needs under one beautiful roof. From Myofascial release, Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Barre, Sweat and Run Club we have it all. From a slow flow yin to a heart pounding sweat we’ve got you covered.


The Reformer is the dream machine of the pilates world… There is nothing else quite like it.It is moving machine that works against resistance and pulleys. You will soon find out resistance can be a friend …or a foe! It’s a buns burning, legs shaking, core making kinda experience!

This class is suitable for total beginners so don’t be shy. Learn the ropes- literally! Get familiar with the reformer and yourself. You will get stronger, more flexible and moving like you never have before in no time.

After learning the foundations and getting stronger it is time to turn up the heat. The intensity and complexity of the exercises increases. Challenge your body while keeping your awareness and control. Learn strong movement patterns to move efficiently.

You have hit the next level!!! Here we come to the advanced sequence with quicker transition and flow and a whole lot of sweat. Our magic formula lets you challenge your body in a safe and beneficial way. Definitely not suitable for beginners!


Something for your mind, your body and your soul, Yoga really is the doorway to a having that a positive life perspective both on and off the mat. We don’t want to exaggerate but it is life changing!

Welcome to your mat regardless of your level. This one’s for everyone. Leave your stress behind and discover what me time really is. Expect a juicey flow, a challenge or three and a happy glow thats stays with you for days to come.

Lets up your game & flip it upside down…literally. We all know yoga is not just about asanas but it’s always good to feel like your progressing. You’ll have your legs behind your head in no time!

The granddaddy of yoga – think long stretches and quiet pauses with reflective moments. An hour of heaven… Yum.

Everything you ever wanted in a class plus you know what your getting on the tin. All the best bits of yoga and pilates fused together to get your heart beating, your blood pumping and mind centred. Feel the burn of pilates and the flow of yoga.

You are going to go through the full range of emotions in this class!! We use small props to unravel all those tight spots and release in a way you never knew possible. We release and then stretch leaving your body open and feeling heavenly. This is a super complement to all forms of movement disciplines.


Because even though we don’t want it, we do want it!! To round off our complete REFORMATION experience we have some of the best sweats in town. Choose your challenge and sweat it out with our tribe. They get a kick out of kicking your butt!

Prepare to sweat: Build muscle, sweat and have fun. Our circuit classes bring results, tone and strengthen your whole body. We up the intensity to get you moving. Did someone say burpees?

You don’t need to be a ballerina to work out like one. A full body class that brings the burn. Combining from the disciplines of yoga, pilates, ballet you will find muscles you didn’t know existed.

The problem with runners is they love to run and not do too much else. But keeping your body running injury free is more than just racking up the miles. You need to pattern and condition your body to run correctly. This class teaches you to save energy, increase performance and prevent injuries. It is a PB making class!


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