A space for movement, connection and inner awakening through Yoga, Meditation & Reformer Pilates.

At Reformation we know that inner experiences shape our outer expression. Our classes go beyond movement into energetic and anatomical shifts that can be both seen and felt. Find the practice that leads you on the path home to yourself.

All of our classes are permeated with intention and heart with connection at their centre. We are a highly trained bunch with a huge thirst for knowledge and a direct connection to lineage so you know you are in safe hands.

Our Community Clubs

These completely complementary clubs are really at the heart of what we do in Reformation.

Meditation Club is community inspired and deeply beneficial, you can join us every Wednesday morning as we cultivate our meditation practice together.

Book Club is another firm Reformation community favourite that is open to all and hugely inspiring. We focus on enlightening and spiritual books to delve into encouraging growth, open conversation, thought provoking interactions and some life changing moments.

Run Club: Whether you are a 5k kinda gal or clocking up the big miles, this will be your favourite run of the week. We run a choice of a 5k or a 10k route with all levels and abilities in our crew.

Reformer Pilates

This is reformer, but not as you know it. We work with movement and breath to facilitate a whole body and whole self experience that transforms how you live and feel in your body. The reformer is the dream machine of the pilates world, it guides you in flexibility and challenges you in strength. There is nothing else quite like it.

Level 1 – Suitable for total beginners so don’t be shy- learn the ropes literally!
Level 2 – It’s time to turn up the heat
Level 3 – You have hit the next level… Not for the faint hearted.


We distill ancient teachings into authentic  practices. Our classes open the doorway to wholehearted joyful living and inner awakening. All of our classes are permeated with intention and heart with connection at their centre and are interwoven with philosophy, Taoist and Tantric traditions that bring about energetic shifts and fresh perspectives. 

Embody Yoga: At Reformation we Embody to Embolden. We elevate our teaching to inspire connection with our bodies, hearts and the earth around us. We feel deeply into our feminine wisdom, connecting with the art of kriyas, breathwork and meditation to drop down and tune in as we move our bodies to still our soul. 

Empower Yoga: Challenging asana and creative sequences to challenge the body and mind. Think vigorous flows with more pace and tempo interspersed with balances, inversions as well as quiet moments and breathwork to balance the system and leave you feeling you can take on the world.


Deeply feminine and hugely restorative, think long stretches and quiet pauses with reflective moments of sweet surrender. The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul.

Mat Pilates

Connect to your body and breath with a deliberate paced class designed to build and strengthen your foundations. Specific movements working individual muscle groups will leave you feeling strong and energised.

Yoga Mama

For all the Mums to Be this ones for you… delivered by the amazing Lucy Bloom who has dedicated her career to women’s and pregnancy yoga. You are in the best hands. Learn yoga practices and postures to support physical & emotional changes and transformation as you go through pregnancy. Explore breathing techniques, meditation and finding ways to keep comfortable while your body adapts to growing baby. You’ll maintain strength and stamina that will keep you feeling well and healthy throughout your pregnancy and as a new Mum. This class is suitable after your first trimester, unless you already have a strong yoga practice. Please just drop us a line if you have any questions or queries in relation to this.

On Demand

Our on Demand collection is filled with unique and considered content from 5 minute meditations to ground you, movement to move you, simple rituals for sacred experiences and specifically curated series that you won’t find elsewhere. Our teachers pour their passion and creativity into authentic, lighthearted and transformational teachings that are accessible to all.


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