: Embody to Embolden
Movement to soothe your soul, free your mind and liberate your spirit.

30 Day Arm Strength and Stability Challenge

This May, join our monthly challenge and feel great as you build strength and balance into your arms and upper body.

The theme across the studio is Energise so expect playful, fun and energy activating classes across our reformer and yoga classes.

All of our in-studio classes will be tailored towards strengthening our arms, shoulder stability, flexibility and toning,  working towards arm balances for all levels to feel confident and energised as we move into the lighter side of the year. 

We have a 30 day Arm Strength & Balance challenge Unlimited Yoga Class Pass for only €69 

12 Class Reformer Pass of only €149.

Take on the challenge and see just what your wonderful body can achieve this Spring.

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Community events crafted to help and connect on a deeper level.

Dive a little deeper with our bespoke community inspired events. From the mystical to the physical we bring together an eclectic mix of experiences from uplifting to healing and everything in between. 

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Reformation x NEIC Yoga Training Scholarship

We are so proud to partner with the NEIC to provide this unique yoga scholarship opportunity to the residents of Dublin’s North East Inner city.

Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive and diverse yoga community that allows the teachings and benefits of yoga to be accessible to everyone across all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Authentic Practices for whole hearted living.

Our classes are infused with light heartedness, passion, authenticity and knowledge. 

Check out our amazing classes below…