: Movement to soothe your soul, free your mind and liberate your spirit.

Reformation Reformer Training- Transformative training for a whole hearted living

We have rewritten the script to teach not what has always been taught but what benefits our bodies the most. You will learn all there is to know on reformer, but go beyond to learn bodies and learn people. To explore their beliefs, their history and their goals, so that you as a teacher are adaptable to your students needs and can empower them to get the most from their bodies and enhance their lives. 

We have created a course with structure, integrity and an abundance of learning so that you are confident and ready to teach. The course is no ordinary course-  what we learn here lasts a lifetime and could be the beginning of a whole new career.

Reformer Training Starting Oct 2021.

(Last two spots available)

Community events crafted to help and connect on a deeper level.

Dive a little deeper with our bespoke community inspired events. We love to explore, play and be curious with our unique events such as Cacao Ceremonies, Crystal Chemistry Sessions, Sounds Baths, Mystery School, Myofascial release and Run Free workshops. From the mystical to the physical we bring together an eclectic mix of experiences from uplifting to healing and everything in between. 

Authentic Practices for whole hearted living.

Our classes are infused with light heartedness, passion, authenticity and knowledge. 

We create sacred experiences for all of our Yoga offerings from embodiment classes, to yin and restorative, to our signature Reformation method class. Our Reformer Pilates classes have strength and depth and go beyond simple movement into finding the core of your being.