: Embody to Embolden
Movement to soothe your soul, free your mind and liberate your spirit.

Breakfast Club December

From 1st of December join us for Breakfast Club at 7.15am. 

Get your daily dose of feel good endorphins as we move through energising flows to get your heart beating, dynamic breathwork to get the subtle body pulsing and moments of meditation to soothe your soul. The perfect way to begin each day as we move towards Christmas. Let’s stay connected, boost your energy and find your inner vibrancy for a happy and healthy December and New Year.

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Community events crafted to help and connect on a deeper level.

Dive a little deeper with our bespoke community inspired events. From the mystical to the physical we bring together an eclectic mix of experiences from uplifting to healing and everything in between. 

Authentic Practices for whole hearted living.

Our classes are infused with light heartedness, passion, authenticity and knowledge. 

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